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The sea

Three quarters of our planet are covered by salty water. Excepting the function of a deliverer of foodstuffs near the coasts, in the past oceans had the meaning of a huge, dark and dangerous stretch of water. Nowadays - very slowly - we recognise the richnes, the global climat function and the beauty of the oceans.

On one hand the sea today is a synonym for dreamy holydays under palmtrees and for «sun, fun and nothing to do», on the other hand its a major obstacle between the continents to fly over it as quick as possible. In the peoples mind the Ocean is - if at all - a alledged inexhaustible supplier of fish and seafood and a cheap way to transport consumer goods from one continent to the other by cargoships, with all the known consequences of empty-fishing, contamination, pollution. Nevertheless humanity sould show a vital interest to care the richnes and the beauty of the oceans.
With my project «Monsterwaves» I would like to realize a documentary cinemovie about the beauty of the waterdesert and show the wild, unfathomable, timeless character of the oceans, because I deeply belive in the power of breathtaking pictures and how they affect strongly our way of looking at the things. Cinemovies like «Mikrokosmos of the animals», «The jurney of the penguins», «The secret of the birds of passage» prove, that the simple showing of natures beauty lets people throng to the cinemas and it's likely that everyone after the show looks in different way to the world.
The movie

SturmwelleI would like to show the sea from its most impressive side - the storm. Never the sea is more beautyfull than just before, while or immediately after a storm. Feak waves - or monsterwaves - on the open sea, roaring shores, people in the face of the too strong force of nature and the animals life on roaring coasts will complete the picture of this film.

This means a lot of extensive journeys to the most remote and raging regions of your planet. The North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean and their coasts are going to be stages as well as the «roaring fifties» on the edge of Antarctica. For the realization 3 to 5 years are scheduled. The nature, the weather and the locations are responsable für the script. The journey is the red line through the movie. On the scenario are written the sea, animals on the coasts and people who are living with and from the sea. Neither the movie should be missionaric instructive, nor scientific explanatory. I would like to show the sea in a way, how it remains in a lot of places: beautyfull, cruel, tame, wild, timeless, unpredictable, endless - pictures telling something about the most elemtal force in our life to us. Human beeings have always been fascinated from the weird-beautyfull elemental force of a stormy ocean and huge waves driven by a strong blowing gale. The subject is almost a guarante for a big public interest (the movie «The perfect storm» is the proove for it).

The shooting is planed by analog 35mm cinemaformat and by digital high definition format, with following «fazen» into the 35mm-cineformat («Die Salzmänner von Tibet» was made this way). The digital format is a technology beeing used by more and more filmmakers (for example Quentin Tarrantino and Georg Lucas are using this technique). The advantage are lower prodution costs and a less heavy equipement on rolling ships to the most remote areas of the world and for underwaterfilming.

Seeking sponsors and patroness

The estimated production costs are about Euro 2,5 Million. I'm looking for sponsors and patroness who would like to support the project financialy. Even small amounts and material inputs as flight-tickets, film-equipement, clothing, ship-cruises, etc. are wellcome.

If you are interested in a sponsorship and if you desire more information, please contact me by E-Mail.

© 2005 Pat Rohner