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The beauty of a wave...
...can be a deadly thread...25px
On the oceans of our planet every week a major ship seems to desapear without a trace. In the past, stories of 100-feet-monsterwaves had the meaning of fairytales. Today they are a fact, detected by satelites.
This picture was taken by a crew-member of the supertanker Esso Languedoc, who 1980 shipped into a major storm. The middle high of the waves was about 25 feet. This 80-feet-monsterwave on the photo overroled the ship from the starboardside.
Winds with beaufort 12 produce huge waves. Ships react with hard rolling to the swell.
Without any wind there are no waves. In hurricanes even very large ships are getting serious problems. Together with a rough sea and a swell of 35 feet crews fight with bad visibility and sudenly appearing freak waves - or monsterwaves - who can «swallow» a big ship.
Both of the two halfs of the malayan freighter ship «Selendang Ayu» are beeing smashed against the cliffs of the Skan Bay / Unalaska Island in Alaska by stormwaves.
For professional surfers monsterwaves are the ultimate kick.25pxback to the project