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About me

PatMy name is Patrick Rohner. I am a french and swiss citizen. I was seven years young, when I had the first contact with the sea and my parents were very proud to show the Mediteranean Sea to their kids. I remember the trip by car to southern France. Behind every hill I expected to see the ocean, but everytime there was a new green valley and I had to wait a lot of hills to finaly see the ultramarine colored, slightly vaulted line on the horizon.

The first steps in the warm sand, the salty water, the roaring surf, the smell of iodine in the hot air, the castels made of sand, all these first impressions established my everlasting passion and yearning for the sea.

sign Pisces
When I was 13, the whole family emigrated to Mexico, a unknown and very exotic country to us. My parents loved the adventure. This was one of the reasons to make crazy trips to the most remote regions of the country, often the ocean was the target. And in Mexico the are thousands of miles of ocean coasts. First I had to learn proper swiming and in a second step scuba diving. In those times the Carrabien Sea was absolutely vergin, Cancun was a small fishermens town, Belize was located somewhere behind the jungle and all the keys, the famous (and original) blue hole and all the very expensive and comfortable reachable tourist resorts from knowadays were an expedition into the unknown. These trips were true exploring expeditions in finest manner of Jaques Custeau. For suffered strain - hard reachable locations, bad supply, tropical heat, sleeping in tents with millions of mosquitos - we were compensated with dreamlike scuba dives.

Therefore my passion for adventure and the sea is a result of my way of living in my childhood.

During my life I've been traveling all over the world, taking a lot of fotographs and making movies. Saililing trips and freighter cruises showed the beauty of the oceans to me and so I got the idea to realize a documentary cine-movie.